Center for Harmonization of Human Rights of Scientific and Research Institute of Intellectual Property Institute of National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine was established in 2012. The main goal of the Center is to elaborate and impalement the legal principles of harmonization of HR and IP rights in the sphere of Medicine, Pharmacy and Biology. The Center provide scientific researches in the different spheres of HR in particular in: Patent Law in Medicine, Patent Law and Pharmaceuticals, Biosecurity and IP, Bioethics and Law of Bioethics, Medical Law, Pharmaceutical Law. The Center is involved into the modern reforming in Ukraine of IP and Health Care. The Center provides educational activity for LLM and PhD students. The Center provides trainings, workshops and conferences. The Center has been involved into the international work team of EU project “Bioterrorism and Biosecurity. Basis to structure new penal instruments to face the biological threats” October 2015 – September 2017. The partners of the Center are the scientific educational and scientific institutions and non-governmental organizations: the University of Basque Country (Bilbao, Spain),  Bogomolets National Medical University of Kyiv, Danylo Galytsky Lviv National Medical University, UNDP, Renaissance Foundation, All-Ukrainian Foundation of Medical Law and Bioethics, Network of PHIV, Patients of Ukraine and others. We are opening for cooperation.



Оksana КASHYNTSEVA, Ph.D. in Law
Head of Center 

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