The B&B Lab was created December 1st 2016 in a frame of Department of industrial property Scientific and Research Institute of Intellectual Property as a modern multidiscipline project where researchers from different areas and scientific goals would have opportunity to develop strategy for using IP law and IP instrument for such fast-changing and fast-growing objects as a biotechnologies for preventing incorrect using benefits from owned the IP portfolio.   As early as 1963, a World Health Organization (WHO) Expert Committee observed that “genetic considerations add a new dimension to public health work: a concern not only for the health and well-being of persons now living but also for (…) generations yet to come” (WHO, 1964). The present research is situated at the intersection of the general issues relating to genetics and intellectual property, particularly those that concern human healthcare and research related to healthcare, bioethics, and ethics in the patenting area. Strategic Vision Bioethics and biosecurity Lab is committed to its mission to provide the balance between an intellectual property for biotechnology with bioethics issue and biosecurity. The B&B Lab values honesty and integrity in all endeavors, tolerance for different ideas, respect for all individuals and excellence and creativity in the pursuit of knowledge in healthcare and development areas in the same ways related to guaranty all the researcher-inventors rights. Our mission. Bioethics and Biosecure Lab mission is to connect all questions about biotechnology and IP; biosecurity and IP; bioethics and IP for developing the correct ways for using IP instruments to new biotech inventions in genetics’ innovation era. Our focus.  We focus on the issues that matter to human beings the most through the prism of intellectual property and ethics. The main issues which we will consider in our project are the following: the special ethical, legal, researchers and medical challenges raised by DNA patents, with particular reference to genomic industries; how patent regimes should be used for biotechnology; ways in which the patent system may affect access to genetics and genomics; the flexibilities in international frameworks, particularly the Agreement on the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), for national policy-making relating to DNA patents; We believe in Ukraine’ science, and we believe that only  international scientific cooperation could give the most correct answer for such sensitive and global question as future in the DNA-invention area and determine the best way for use patent’s system for these invention, which will be suitable for each and every country. We are the Ukrainian researchers who are trying to do better tomorrow by using IP instruments. Cause today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday ― Dale Carnegie. We are ready and welcome any collaborations! 



Vasilisa PYSIEVA
Laboratory chief 

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