The Intellectual Property Research Institute has been successfully working in the field of development and improvement of intellectual property legislation for more than 16 years, it conducts applications and research activities in the field, initiates and supports educational and awareness-raising work for the promotion of intellectual property rights in Ukraine, promotion of scientific and technological progress and increase of Ukraine's contribution to the development of world science and technology. 

Activity areas: fundamental and applied research at the intersection of intellectual property and biotechnology, biological safety, green economy and ecology, IT technologies; energy-saving technologies, innovations, agribusiness, national safety and defense, etc. Feeling the vectors of Ukraine's development, the institute tries to respond to the challenges of time. A department of generalizations of judicial and expert practice, a laboratory of scientific support for the development of science and technology was once established. New scientific and practical directions are developing in the Institute today. Centers and laboratories are operating successfully, including the Center for the Harmonization of Human Rights and Intellectual Property Rights, the Center for Research on Intellectual Property and Environmentalistic Development, the Laboratory of Commercialization and Technology Transfer.

Expertise and advice. We provide advice on issues related to law and economy of intellectual property, civil, civil procedural, financial, commercial law etc; registration of copyright, objects of patent law, means of individualization; conducting forensic examinations and special research on intellectual property issues;  assessment and audit of intellectual property; advice in relation to  intellectual property rights, preparing a draft treaty, providing opinions on existing contracts, etc. 



Research and publishing activities. The results of the Institute's scientific activity were embodied in 61 monographs, 4 encyclopedias, more than 18 practical collections, over 20 methodological recommendations and legislative commentaries, in more than 20 textbooks and learning aids. The Institute has published collections of scientific works "Intellectual Property Issues" annually, and it is a founder and cofounder of periodical scientific and practical magazines "Theory and Practice of Intellectual Property" and "Medical Law", which are included in international scientometrical databases. 



Educational programs. The Institute takes an active part in the teaching-educational process. It is launching sectoral summer schools, educational certificate programs, regular trainings and science-practical seminars on selected aspects of intellectual property rights. The Institute is also a co-founder of research and educational centers on intellectual property, serving as a platform for  work experience internship and advanced training by students and lecturers from all over the country.




Legislative initiatives. Our specialists have prepared more than 300 draft normative legal acts on intellectual property issues and innovation activities. 



Results rating. Our certified court experts have created over 1800 forensic examinations and special investigations of intellectual property. Certified appraisers have completed about 70 evaluations of objects of intellectual property. Patent attorneys, working at the Institute are constantly involved in the state registered ownership of intellectual property for natural and legal persons. The scientists of the institute performed more than 270 scientific researches in order to state and non-governmental organizations; 470  researches by regional subject,  including local self-government bodies and local authorities; 95 scientific legal opinion on inquiries for higher and central government bodies.



Scientific potential. The Institute has a strong staffing that is constantly updating with young researchers and professional practitioners of the branch. There are 3 academicians and corresponding member of sectoral academies of sciences of Ukraine, 11 Doctors of Science, 20 Candidates of Science. Over all, in the last 5 years, 12 theses,  2 of them are doctorate thesis, were defended by postgraduates and aspirant of the Institute.

The Institute is the founder of its own scientific law school of intellectual property and intellectual property economics. Their experience and efforts in educating the younger generation of researchers give intellectual property grants that have built up a system of legal protection of intellectual property in  independent Ukraine; were at the root of the creation of a forensic examination of intellectual property; spoke as signatories to core international treaties and conventions in the field of intellectual property on behalf of Ukraine. 

International cooperation. The Institute actively cooperates with international centers, specializing in the field of intellectual property, with the World Intellectual Property Organization. Its partners are scientific institutions or universities in Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, etc.


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