February 23, 2015 the meeting of the Council of Young Scientists took place.

Valentina Trotska made a scientific report on the legal aspects of regulation related to the field of free use of works for the needs of visually impaired. The main provisions of the Marrakesh agreement on facilitating access to published works for persons with visual impairment and those with disabilities to read printed text adopted by the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2013 were considered. The conclusion about the need for changes and additions to Part 6 of Article 21 of the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights” on the free edition of the works using Braille script for the blind was made.

Olga Matskevych made a scientific report on a self-defense and protection of copyright in multimedia works. The basic problem of refutation of false information disseminated electronically on the Internet were outlined, conclusions about the necessity to improve procedures of refutation of false information and making appropriate changes to the current legislation of Ukraine were made.

Information about the meeting of February 23, 2015