Mykola Pototsky was invited to the meeting of the Council of Young Scientists on April 20, 2015. M. Pototskyi is the deputy head of division of judicial protection of rights in “Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property” SE.

He drew the young scientists’ attention to the possibility of introduction in Ukraine of an administrative appeal procedure of titles of protection for utility models and industrial designs to the body that carries out the issuance of such documents – the State Intellectual Property Service. Today the court appeal procedure has a low level of effectiveness due to numerous cases of registration of industrial designs and utility models addressed to persons whose country is the state with which Ukraine has not any agreements on service of writs. Participants of the meeting discussed the problems of patent trolling and prospects of introduction of the proposed procedure of administrative appeal.

Public speaking classes took place at the meeting also.

Information about the meeting of April 20, 2015