Today our Institute is the only leading scientific and research legal body in Ukraine covering a broad scope of topics in the area of intellectual property, namely:

  • conducting fundamental and applied research in the sphere of intellectual property
  • conducting scientific and judicial investigations
  • conducting investigations of economic and legal issues in the sphere of intellectual property
  • conducting advanced studies of legal problems connected with innovative activity
  • maintenance and commercialization of the intellectual property objects
  • development of conceptual basis of intellectual capital cost definition
  • providing consultations on normative regulation of intellectual property’s sphere, etc.

The superior body of collegial examination of general questions dealing with scientific activity and human resources of the Institute is the Academic Council.
The Institute is in close cooperation with three branches of power. The results of the Institute’s scientific and expert researches are implemented in the activity of law-enforcement institutions, courts of justice and other state authorities.
In the field of Ukrainian intellectual property legislation development there were introduced 27 bills and amendments both for laws in force and other normative legal acts. It is constantly carried out theoretic and practical investigations on actual problems of growing and further development of intellectual property law on national, European and international legislation levels.
The Institute constantly renders practical and methodical help to state authorities, enterprises and establishments dealing with intellectual property issues. Preparation of analytical informational reports by our experts on intellectual property’s problems is one of a direction of such cooperation. Our specialists particintellectual propertyate in different state, inter-branch and international commissions as well as in various round-tables, groups and councils.
The Institute’s works as a result of many judicial and expert investigations in the sphere of intellectual property became the basis for development of methodological base of carrying out expert testimonies and special research. The adoption of such would provide a uniform approach to intellectual property legal expertise and raise efficiency in resolving disputes within the courts of general jurisdiction and the commercial courts of Ukraine.
Widespreading of intellectual property knowledge is another important issue of scientific activity of the Institute. Following this purpose the Institute initiated publishing the “Theory and Practice of Intellectual Property” periodical covering a wide range of questions of scientific, methodological, practical, debatable and informational character in the sphere of intellectual property and innovative activity.
Another direction of spreading intellectual property knowledge is the organization and particintellectual propertyation of our experts in scientific & practical conferences, including international ones conducted for intellectual property experts, judges, lawyers, and CPAs on intangible assets. There were 320 scientific reports presented at these conferences by our specialists.
The creative work of the Institute’s team in the period has been compiled in:

  • 483 scientific papers and brief reports
  • 22 monographies
  • 8 textbooks
  • 9 auxiliary textbooks
  • 5 comments on legislation
  • 6 brochures
  • 4 collections of normative legal acts
  • 1 dictionary of terms in sphere of intellectual property
  • 2 techniques
  • 7 volumes of collections of scientific papers
  • 57 analytical reports on protection and economy of intellectual property as well as innovative activity.

Special attention is paid to growing up new generations of researchers in the sphere of intellectual property. Practical realization of this policy consists in:

  • Affording an opportunity for students of leading Kyiv Universities to get practical skills in our Institute as trainees
  • Training of new researchers working under their theses to leading to DLL degree.

Thus, the scientific potential of the Institute opens new horizons for cooperation in the sphere of intellectual property – both for national and foreign specialists, researchers and research institutions.