Making profit is the main aim for any intellectual property owner. However, it is first necessary to define the cost of intellectual property object at first. Determination of the estimated cost of intellectual property objects is an essential element of transformation of a result of creative activity of a human into a commercially valuable product. Thanks to such estimation the intellectual property will become the powerful element of intangible assets of an enterprise and can be introduced as an article of merchandise into commerce.

In addition, the expert valuation is extremely necessary during disputes concerning the compensation of moral and material damage in connection with illegal use of intellectual property objects.

Today, our Institute is a key player in intellectual property valuation activity in Ukraine. This activity is supervised by well-known Ukrainian intellectual property economics expert, Post Doctoral degree holder, PhD in Economics, Professor Oleksandr Butnik-Siverskiy. It is under his guidance that here is a group of appraisers officially certified by the State Property Fund of Ukraine and authorized to carry out evaluation activity concerning:

  • intellectual property objects
  • property rights
  • property itself
  • complete-property complexes
  • securities
  • business of economic activity entities, etc.

Professionalism of the appraisers was highly estimated due to the valuation works with respect to such well-known brands as:

  • Adidas-Salomon AG (Germany)
  • Bayer Aktiengesellschaft (Germany)
  • Kraft Foods Ukraine JSC

The sphere of intellectual property is a cross-road of several sub-spheres. Therefore, an effective protection maintenance process of intellectual property objects without full application of complex knowledge from the areas of engineering, jurisprudence, economy and appraisal activity is rather complicated. These are Fellows of our Institute who are in fact corresponding to such complex knowledge level standards.

Highly skilled consultations given by us contain exhaustive information not only concerning preparation and registration of application dealing with intellectual property object, but also with decisions and rulings of administrative bodies and courts of justice of any question connected with intellectual property infringement.

There is a team of experts at the Institute. Among them there are skilled patent attorneys allowed to practice while being registered within the State Register of Patent Attorneys, led and kept by the State Department of intellectual property attached to the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine. They are able:

  • to carry out a tentative estimation of a legal protection of a declared intellectual property object;
  • to give consultations concerning state’s registration of intellectual property objects and legal support during this process;
  • to represent interests of intellectual property owners during judicial stage, and pre-judicial settlement of disputes;
  • to be representatives of intellectual property owners in cases of illegal use of their intellectual property objects, and also handle cases deals with unfair competition in administrative tribunals and courts of justice;
  • to give help in drawing up contracts, including author’s licenses and others;
  • to present other kinds of the help and consultations in sphere of intellectual property.

We can cooperate with you by:

  • consultations
  • realization of a complex of works having legal and technical character, which connected with intellectual property rights protection
  • long-term subscrintellectual propertytion service, including decisions of any legal questions, which arise at realization of intellectual property rights.

So, for today we not only have practical experience, but also powerful source of knowledge and we are ready to use them both for you.